What is Jalaka Dual?

Jalaka Dual will bring your interaction experience  with your portable device to the next level. Jalaka is durable, timeless, and most of all super versatile, it is the best mobile companion. Convenience in a small package!

Jalaka telescopic legs extend and tilt freely, allowing you to stand and position your device in either portrait or landscape mode. Single handed operation in the palm of your hand, made easy with Jalaka. Typing, taking pictures, searching, reading, watching movies, or just relaxing - Jalaka offers countless applications. 


Jalaka 360° rotating telescopic legs gives you freedom where only your imagination is the limit. Take these examples for a start - the rest is up to you. 


Take the grip

Never drop it again. With Jalaka you can have better grip from your phone. Every inch of your phone screen is available easily by one hand.


Enjoy the videos

Make it cosy. Why to hold the phone on the palm of your hand? Or laying it flat on the table? Set your phone just the way you need to.


Have a video call with your friend

Best thing after meeting your friend IRL is to have a video call. Letting your hands be free you can give more from yourself. Over 50% of our communication is gestures...


Find your way 

With Jalaka you can use your phone as car navigator without any other gadgets. Just let it hang from the air vent with the support of the leg. Hell yea!


Check the video for more


Jalaka Dual - mobile stand on many uses


Easy installation

Jalaka Dual attaches to your device or its case with an adhesive tape. Position Jalaka to the cleaned rear surface of your device, press it down for 10 seconds and you’re good to go!

If you switch your device you can still use Jalaka on your new device! Each product package includes two spare tapes. If the tape gets damaged while removing Jalaka from your device just replace the tape.

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Jalaka Dual Technical information

Designed in Finland

Weight: 0.35 oz (as much as two 8.5 X 11 sheets)

Dimensions: 2.85 x 1 x 0.16 inches

Frame material: Aircraft aluminum

Legs: Stainless steel. Length 1.9 Inches when closed, opened 2.9 Inches

Telescopic legs friction is set to optimal tightness, but it can be adjusted with screwdriver

Tape: 3M smart adhesive

Available colors: Black anodized and anodized natural aluminum color (silver)